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Tony Jaa has had a blissful career as an actor, having featured in some of the highest grossing movies. The movies have gone a long way to receive accolades globally over time, and have earned him and the production companies millions in revenue. Having cast in numerous films, it’s no wonder fans around the world are debating over which of the movies he has featured ranks top and perhaps the greatest them all. If you and your friends are arguing over the same issue, then follow this list of top ten Tony Jaa movies to give you a hint of the best criteria, and eventually the highest ranking films with his appearances.

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Indeed Tony Jaa has had such a great run in his acting career and has since become one of the most loved actors viewers look forward to in every release. His greatest performances are a combination of both talent in casting and the best choice of scenes. This ranking comprises different films which have taken theatres by a storm including furious 7, XXX return of Xander Cage, Monster Hunter among others.

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If you are asking yourself questions like “What Tony Jaa movies are the greatest?” what roles played by Tony Jaa brought the best of him?” and “what criteria can one use to rank Tony Jaa’s electrifying performances?”, the films we have ranked should give you more insight into those questions. Let’s get to the action.

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1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)

IMDb rating: 5.2/10

There is nothing as exciting as watching action scenes that feature ones most loved actors. Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is an extreme athlete who gets incorporated as a government operative and appears after a period of self-imposed exile, and even some of his foes had already pronounced him dead.

This time Cage appears with one mission, to stop the alpha warrior and villain Xiang (Donnie Yen) and his team of violent assassins, who are on the race to recover the Pandora Box, a seemingly unstoppable weapon. Talon (Tony Jaa) features in a vital role, to save his team at a time when he is needed most, while the hero to be, Xander Cage, finds himself in a deadly conspiracy likely to destroy him for good. Will Tony Jaa step up to the challenge?

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2. Furious 7 (2015)

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

In Furious 7, Tony Jaa appears as Kiet, a violent assassin who will stop the bad guys. After defeating Owen Shaw, the international terrorist, Dominic (Vin Diesel) and his team presume that their life of crime is a thing of the past, and what is left of them is to start a whole new level of family life and self-development. They all go in separate ways.

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However, it emerges that, their life-after-crime is about to come to an end when a Somalia terrorist and a government official (Mr. Nobody) are competing to steal a technological weapon belonging to the government. Dominic Toretto and his crew are to step up to the two forces and recover God’s eye, the technological weapon that forms the basis of the contest.

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3. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

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In this film, Tony Jaa appears as Ting, the Thai warrior who must restore the respect of his village and its Buddha gods. Boonting resides in a forsaken small but peaceful village. But one day, Ong Bak, the secret Buddha statuette goes missing from the village temple, having been confiscated by an immoral businessman, who gives no regard to the sacred lifestyle of the residents.

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It is the task of Boonting, to track the villain and recover Ong Bak before it’s too late. Boonting takes advantage of his impeccable athleticism coupled with his traditional Thai combat skills to deal with his adversaries along the way. Will he manage to restore the sanctity of their village, and that of the Thai community by recovering the secrete statuette?

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4. The Protector (2005)

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

The Protector is one of those movies that brings the best out of Tony Jaa’s all graced martial arts abilities. Young Kham (Tony Jaa) is raised by his father in at a jungle in Bangkok, where they co-inhabit with the elephants. One time, assailants make away with one of his elephant friends together with its young one Kern.

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After a thorough search, Kham finally realises that the elephants were taken to Sydney Australia, and makes it his mission to find and bring back both the mother elephant and kern. After travelling to Australia, he identifies kern in a restaurant owned by one of the renowned mafias in Thai (mark). Kham must plan and fight to regain the ownership of his beloved friends. Furthermore, Khan must revenge for the loss caused by the villains, to him and his father.

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5. The Warrior King 2 (2013)

IMDb rating: 5.3/10

After the success of the first episode of “The Protector” in 2005, Tony Jaa returns in “The protector 2” alias the “Warrior King” as a wanted man. When the owner and manager of a famous elephant reserve die unprecedentedly, all fingers point to Khan as the perpetrator of the murder and the number one suspect.

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He has to outrun both the intelligence units on his pursuit and the vengeful twins, the nieces’ of the deceased. Khan finds the luck of his life when he bumps into a secret agent in Thailand, who was sent on a secret undercover mission. How far will Kahn run before the angry twins get hold of him and get justice for their loss?

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6. The Bodyguard (2004)

IMDb rating: 5.9/10

Tony Jaa continues to mesmerise his viewers with his inert abilities to cast in different scenes and pull a perfect rendition of classic action spiced with comical gestures. In the bodyguard, a professional bodyguard is fired by the son of his employer after failing to protect his Choti, one of Thai’s most successful businessmen.

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After his death, the Choti’s son inherits the multibillion estate and the companies, but cannot enjoy his wealth because of a deadly pursuit by assassins who want the wealth to themselves. The son hides in the slum where a humble family takes care of him, and he falls in love with their tomboy daughter. Meanwhile, the bodyguard is on the run fearing a gang of hitmen hired to kill him.

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7. Ong Bak 2: The Beginning (2008)

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IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Ong Bak 2 is an ancient time movie that recalls the kingdoms of the traditional Thai system. Tien (appearing as Tony Jaa) is an orphan and a survivor of a war between the kingdom of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. With the victory of Ayutthaya kingdom, they expand their territory to cover the expanse lands of the East, but noble Lord Siha Decho (father to Tien) gets betrayed by one of his captain soldiers and is killed alongside his wife.

However, their son and supposed heir of the kingdom is rescued by one of his father’s loyal soldiers, who helps him escape and hide in the woods. What happens to him afterwards? And will he be able to inflict pain on those who killed his family?

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8. Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle (2011)

IMDb rating: 5.0/10

“Ong Bak 3” is a build up from “Ong Bak 2.” Following the murder of his parents and his survival, Tien is captured and tortured by the ruling lord of the Ayutthayan territory. Tien suffers massive injuries before he is taken back to the village of Kana Khone village. There, the villagers teach him the art of Thai religion and traditional tactics to deal with his seemingly unending karma.

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Tien is confronted with yet another challenge before long, when his arch rival and longtime foe returns and challenges Tien to their final clash. Tien’s troubles never seem to end, but he has one chance to put an end to his life dilemma. Will he manage to pull this one off?

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9. The Bodyguard 2 (2007)

IMDb rating: 5.6/10

After an exciting performance of “The Bodyguard 1,” Bodyguard 2 returned in a blast. Khumalo is a counter-terrorist agent who is charged with the vital mission of protecting Thailand for insurgents. He vows to protect his country through every means and all it takes. To achieve that, he has to infiltrate the GRSM Company, one of the main bases used to cover up activities of the insurgents.

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The company is owned by two mafia Surachai and Suthin. Khumalo finds out that the owners are on the verge of an invasion and mass destruction of one of the borders. Khumalo must stop the collection of weaponry at the GRSM before his country falls in the hands of Surachai and Suthin.

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10. Paradox (2017)

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

Tony Jaa is a never disappointing face in the action scene. In Paradox, he appears as Tak, a superb martial arts actor. Lee Chung-Chi, the negotiator working for Hong Kong police learns about the sudden disappearance of his daughter Wing-Chi, while in their Thailand home. Lee Chung-Chi has to come back to Thailand and form a gang of supermen to combat the activities of their top target Sacha, an American gangster, who deals with black trade of smuggling human organs to his market in the US.

Based on a series of clues, Chung-Chi along with his partners Tsui Kit, and Tak are now determined to not only change the fate of Chung-Chi’s daughter but also, bring the activities of the ring to a permanent end.

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Tony Jaa is an exceptional actor who continues to shine in the action movie scene. Having appeared and starred in some of the top-selling films in the previous years, his fans are guaranteed of another spectacular year in 2019. Furthermore, for fans of Tony Jaa, the above list of top ten Tony Jaa movies will increase your appetite for more of his heart thumping action films. Enjoy your entertainment sessions with action-filled scenes from the movies on the list and others.

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