Top 15 Chris Martin songs of all time ▷

From the likes of Paper Loving and Cheater Prayer, there is nobody who does not like Chris Martin songs. Chris Martin himself is a very talented musician. He is usually all over the board when it comes to what he sings about. But after all is said and done, the fact still remains he is a renowned reggae artist of our time.

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With so many hits under his name, which is your favourite song of his? Are you more inclined to his love tracks or are you more into his hype hits? Highlighted below is a list of the best fifteen songs by him. This list is in no particular order.

1. Cheater Prayer

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This is among one of his earliest songs. In this track, he prays to God not to let him cheat on his girlfriend, but if he ends up doing so, let him not get caught.

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2. Let Her Go

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This is a reggae version to the original Let Her Go by the Passenger. Not a lot has been changed when it comes to the lyrics, yet it is a fan favourite. I guess there are people who like it better in this version.

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3. Is This Love

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This is one of his many love songs. In this hit, he talks about all that he feels for this woman. How he can’t sleep when he is not next to her, how he is always thinking about her and all.

4. Chill Spot

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This song is all above relaxing. Chris Martin understands that we all need a place to chill after a long day’s work. So where is your chill spot? Is it the gym, the field, a local pub, a friend’s house or even just your house.

5. Mama

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This is a dedication to his mother and of course all the mothers out there. He talks about all that his mother has done for him and how he would be nothing was it not for her.

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6. Girls, Money & Rum

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This is one of his hype songs. In this club banger, he talks about having fun after a long week. He says all he needs is girls, money and some rum.

7. Paper Loving

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Here he talks about a girl who loves him, but she is with another man because of all the money the other man has. He is telling her, if she can’t love him when he is broke, she shouldn’t love him when he is balling.

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8. Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Here he claims he is pirate, but not a typical pirate as his treasure is beautiful girls and looting their hearts is his pleasure. It is basically what pirates do for gold and treasure.

9. Baby I Love You

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In this song, he proclaims his love for his girlfriend. He says how much he loves her and how she means the world to him.

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10. Mi Friend Dem

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This is dedicated to all his true friends, the ones that aren’t a sellout, the ones who always got his back, the real ones.

11. Come Back

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This is a cry to his ex to come back. He admits he treated her bad even after she gave him so many chances to reform his ways. Now he has realized all that she meant to him, and he wants her back.

12. Whine Up Fimi

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This is a party song. He is featured by Charly Black. It’s all about getting those pretty girls to dance and have a good time with them.

13. I’m A Big Deal

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This is basically a bragging song. He talks about how he and his friend are important people. How they are VIPs. He adds on to say that it is nothing to do with fame or money; it’s all about self-worth.

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14. Indecisive

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Here he talks about a girl who won’t make up her mind. One minute she wants him, the next she does not. He is telling her to make her decision as this is not a game and she should stop playing with his feelings.

15. Leave People Business Alone

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Here he is talking about people minding their own business. He is against all the rumour mongers, the nosy people and all the people who concentrate on what other people are doing. He is telling them to focus on their own business.

These are the top 15 Chris Martin songs according to us. Which one do you love most? What would you change about this list? Leave your views about this list in our comments section.

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