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The American veterinarian and TV personality is among the memorable faces in the television reality show The Incredible Dr Pol. The good doctor was not among the show’s original cast members, but after joining the show in 2015, she became a welcome addition till her exit in 2019. What happened to Dr Emily Thomas?

Dr Emily Thomas. Photo: @drthomcat
Source: Instagram

Ardent followers of Dr Pol’s reality TV show acknowledge Dr Emily as one of the show’s most notable personalities. She was always present in all episodes, and most fans found it astonishing that a female vet could confidently treat aggressive animals. But she left the show in 2019 when the show was on its 15th season.

What happened to Dr Emily Thomas?

Dr Emily’s debut at Pol Veterinary Services was in 2015. Although every personality in the show possesses extraordinary qualities, Emily still stood out for many reasons, including her knowledge and dedication to her job.

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Despite being late in her pregnancy, she was still busy treating aggressive bulls, grumpy goats, and ill cows. The 34-year old doctor even treated an injured dog while maggots crawled all over her hands. Even the owners were surprised that the famous veterinarian still treated the animal. In no time, she had become the fan-favourite.

The vet’s experience at the clinic was excellent, and working in the facility was a significant career milestone. Doctor Pol himself inspired her and taught her a lot as well. But why did Dr Emily leave Dr Pol show?

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What happened to Dr Emily Thomas
Dr Emily Thomas. Photo: @drthomcat
Source: Instagram

Dr Pol’s facility was popular and busy, serving thousands of customers every day. The workload was too much, yet the staff population was not proportional. Considering she was also a wife and a mother of three, it was too much work for her. This pushed her to the wall, and she had to choose her family over the attractive income and TV appearances.

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Dr Emily had indeed gathered sufficient experience to move on to the next level. She appeared in 95 episodes in The Incredible Dr Pol between 2015 and 2019, and another five in Calling Dr Pol from 2015 to 2016.

Where is Dr Emily Thomas now?

After leaving the show, Emily, her husband, and three toddlers left Michigan’s villages and traveled more than 600 miles away to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Based on her social media posts, the vet seems to be working in another vet clinic.

The posts also give the impression of freedom and a more manageable work schedule. She takes part in numerous adventures with her family, spending free time exploiting the woods and mountain climbing. The experienced doctor started a blog, where she talks about different aspects of her life, from career and family to hobbies like painting.

Her blog highlights her crazy work experiences with clients, her late visits to interesting places, and her family’s drama. She also does video blogs comprising interactions with fans and other individuals, addressing questions on her career speciality, and discussions about family and relationship matters.

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What happened to Dr Emily Thomas
Dr Emily Thomas. Photo: @drthomcat
Source: UGC

What does Dr Emily Thomas husband do? Emily’s soulmate, Tony Thomas, joins her in her video blogs regularly. Notably, he was also in Dr Pol’s clinic, where he served in an administrative capacity. He writes his Tony Takeovers guest posts on his wife’s blog, and he describes how busy a typical day at Dr Pol’s clinic is in one of his posts.

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The only thing that is missing is her interactions with large cows and horses. These animals are rare in Virginia, but she is okay staying away from her practice for some time.

Where is Dr Emily from?

Emily Thomas was born in 1984, and she celebrates her birthday every first day of April. She grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia, and her affection for animals began when she was still young. She has a sister, Kelly Keene, with whom she shares a striking resemblance.

Emily attended Huston County High School, where she met her current husband. She later joined the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, where she earned her practice certifications.

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How Dr Emily became famous

After graduating in 2010, Emily joined an internship program at an established animal field company where she studied horse reproduction. She also worked in a small private facility in South Carolina before moving to Michigan’s Rosebush community in February 2014 to join Dr Jan Pol’s team. This stint also gave her the TV limelight in The Incredible Dr Pol that airs in Nat Geo Wild.

There is not much information about Dr Emily Thomas net worth. However, it is evident that Emily has raked in a substantial amount sufficient to cover her activities and endeavours during her break from the TV screens. She’s made her wealth as a professional vet, but a massive chunk of it is from her appearance on the popular TV show.

A look into Dr Emily’s personal life

Emily is blissfully married to her high-school sweetheart, Tony Thomas. The two met at Huston County High School and later on tied the knot on May 12 2007. He is a supportive husband, evident in his helpfulness in different areas of Emily’s career.

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What happened to Dr Emily Thomas
Dr Emily’s husband, Tony Thomas, and their three children. Photo: @drthomcat
Source: Instagram

The couple has three children. The firstborn, a girl, is called India and was born on 2012 September 5. Oscar was born on August 27, 2014. Calvin is the youngest and was born in 2017. The doctor’s Twitter page is filled with photos of the entire group enjoying lots of fun family times.

If you were wondering what happened to Dr Emily Thomas, all your questions and doubts have been addressed.

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