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Are you a fan of The Incredible Dr. Pol? The reality TV show is a fan-favourite program that airs on Nat Geo Wild and is currently in its 16th season. It follows the lives of veterinary doctor Jan Pol, his family, and employees in a rural veterinary practice. Throughout the show, there have been a lot of favourite cast members. While some are still on the show, others have left. One of these favourites who have left is Sandra Wisniewski. So, What happened to Dr. Sandra from “Dr. Pol”?

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While Dr. Pol is of Dutch descent and even studied his practice in the Netherlands, he runs a successful veterinary business in the US. The growth of his business has led him to hire assistants, like Dr. Sandra. If you have been a fan for a while, you might be wondering what happened to Dr. Sandra and if she’ll ever return to the show.

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When did Dr. Sandra join Dr. Pol’s clinic?

Before looking at why Dr. Sandra left the show, it is important to look back at her time, specifically how and when she joined. Did Sandra replace Emily or other The Incredible Dr. Pol cast members who had left? You will be surprised to find out that this is not the case.

Sandra was one of the earliest cast members of the TV show, having made her first appearance in 2012 during the second season of the show. At the time, she was introduced as a veterinary student (however, she already had a license to practice). Later in the season, she became an official staff of Dr. Pol’s veterinary clinic, and consequently, one of the cast members of the reality TV show.

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Why did Dr. Sandra leave Dr. Pol?

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Sandra only appeared on 14 episodes during her time at the show. Nevertheless, she won the hearts of many fans, especially with her inspiring story – rising from a student to becoming a practicing veterinarian. Therefore, it was not surprising that many of them started asking questions after she left the show. So, what happened to Dr. Sandra on “Dr. Pol”

There are many reasons why cast members might exit a TV show – disagreements with other cast, salary issues, harassments, among others. While the real reason for Sandra leaving the show was a mystery to most of her fans, it was not as dramatic as some of these reasons.

What happened to Dr. Sandra from "Dr. Pol"? Story and latest updates
Image: facebook.com, @SAH.WeCare
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She left to move in with her then-fiancé (current husband) Chris Shindrof. The reason for this was the fact that Dr. Pol’s clinic was in Weidman, Rural Michigan, while Chris lived in Belding, Michigan. The distance was, therefore, an issue for the young couple.

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Update on Dr. Sandra’s life after leaving Dr. Pol

After Sandra left The Incredible Dr. Pol the first time, she got married to her fiancé Chris, on October 5, 2014. At the time of the marriage, the couple had a daughter, Madilyn. In 2019, the family welcomed a new addition to their unit, a son named Sam.

But what about her professional life? Does Dr. Sandra still work with Dr. Pol? Given her reappearance on the TV show in 2017, some fans have been hopeful that she is still on the TV show. However, so far, there have not been any signs that she is back.

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Immediately she left the show the first time in 2014, she joined Sheridan Animal Hospital in Sheridan, Mi. Currently, Sandra (now going as Dr. Sandra Shindorf, her married name) is listed as an associate veterinarian at Greenville Animal hospital.

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Due to the limited screen time of Dr. Sandra on Pol veterinary reality show, a lot of information about her is not public knowledge. However, there are a couple of things to know about her.

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Dr. Sandra Wisniewski background and education

Dr. Sandra is of polish descent, hence her surname Wisniewski (which means “from the town of cherry trees.” Not much is known about her early life, and the earliest details known are about her education. She attended Aquinas College for her high school diploma, before being admitted to Iowa State University College, where she pursued a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Immediately after graduating, Sandra joined The Incredible Dr. Pol, which is how she started her career. In 2014, she briefly left the show for a period, which coincided with her marriage to Chris. She would later make a reappearance on a single episode (5) of season 11 in 2017 before leaving again.

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In her personal life, Dr. Sandra is a married woman and a mother. Other than that, she likes to keep a private profile. This is the same reason why most information about her is unknown, for example, her net worth, her age, relatives, what her husband does, among others.

What happened to Dr. Sandra from "Dr. Pol"? Story and latest updates
Image: facebook.com, @SAH.WeCare
Source: UGC

However, a few details about her personal life have leaked over the years. For example, she was a member of 4-H, a positive youth development organization where she learned (and possibly developed a passion) about animals.

As a veterinary doctor, Sandra also enjoys caring for animals, especially pets. In fact, her love for them extends beyond her professional life; she owns a Quarter-horse (Tee) and pet Greyhound (Nova), which are also beloved members of their family.

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On top of that, Dr. Sandra is an active and adventurous person when she is not working. She enjoys traveling, jogging, and horseback riding. More than that, she loves spending time with her family and playing with their pets.

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Will Sandra Wisniewski return to The Incredible Dr. Pol?

Is Dr. Sandra still with Dr. Pol, or will she be returning any time soon? Most fans of the TV show have been asking this question for quite a while now. Despite appearing only in a few episodes, she impressed many people, who were saddened by her departure.

In fact, some of her enthusiastic fans have campaigned on social media for her return. However, it remains to be seen whether their wish will be fulfilled. But given that she has returned to the show once before, there might still be some hope. But whether she will come back or not remains to be seen.

If you have been wondering what happened to Dr. Sandra from “Dr. Pol”? The mysterious disappearance of this cast member from the show was brought about by the need to be closer to her family. However, since leaving Dr. Pol, she has continued to be passionate about animals. She is still working as a veterinarian, while also juggling with her other responsibilities as a mother and wife.

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