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Sweetie Pies is an exciting reality television show revolving around former Ikette, Robbie Montgomery, and their collection of soul food restaurants. The show’s been popular among food lovers that love the drama surrounding the restaurants’ daily operations. One of the most popular characters that fans love for being himself is Lil’ Charles, Robbie Montgomery’s nephew. He brings a particularly unique flavour to the reality television show. What is Lil’ Charles from Sweetie Pies up to currently?

Lil’ Charles from Sweetie Pies. Photo: @charlescrenchaw
Source: Instagram

If you have watched reality television, you likely have a favourite character that you cannot wait to watch going about their lives. Although most of such films are based on specific themes and have primary characters, some secondary cast makes everything enjoyable.

Such is Lil’ Charles’s case, who has created great interest in his life considering his fantastic performance in the show. So, what is Lil Charles from Sweetie Pies doing now?

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Who is Lil’ Charles?

Lil’ Charles, real name Charles Crenchaw is a reality television star that appeared on one of OWN’s highest-rated reality television shows, Welcome to Sweeties Pies. He featured as a delivery driver from St. Louis but had ambitions to become a manager.

Lil’ Charles was born on January 29, 1989, in the United States of America. This means that he is 32 years old as of 2021. He graduated from Hazelwood Central High School in 2008 and has been working at Sweetie Pies since he was fifteen years old.

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He has been featured in the reality television show Welcome to Sweetie Pies with other actors, including Tim Norman, Jenae Wallick, and Danielle Champion.

How much is Charles from Sweetie Pies worth?

Lil' Charles from Sweetie Pies
Lil’ Charles from Sweetie Pies. Photo: @charlescrenchaw
Source: Instagram

The Welcome to Sweetie Pies‘ actor and one of the audience’s favourite has an estimated net worth of $100,000. He has acted in the reality television show for a long time and has probably received a fantastic remuneration package considering its high ratings.

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Is Charles from Sweetie Pies gay?

Many fans are confused about Lil’ Charles’s sexuality. Is he gay or straight? Even though Charles’ girlfriend underwent a pregnancy scare in the reality television show, people speculated whether he is homosexual.

Charles gay rumours are rife among fans and cast to the extent that his co-workers have talked about it in the reality television show. However, Charles is yet to come out and clear the air about this rumour, and people have been left to keep wondering.

Is Lil’ Charles alive?

Lil' Charles from Sweetie Pies
Lil’ Charles from Sweetie Pies. Photo: @charlescrenchaw
Source: Instagram

If you have come across “Charles from Sweetie Pies death,” you are wondering whether the story is true. It is ordinary for people to speculate about a famous television star who they don’t know about their personal life past the shows they represent. This is likely misleading information as the actor that is part of Sweetie Pies cast is alive.

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The only confirmed Sweetie Pies cast that has perished is Andre Montgomery. He was fatally shot near Fairground Park in March 2016. Police found the actor dead in a St Louis home with a gunshot wound, and he was pronounced dead at the site. Andre Montgomery was the grandson of Robbie Montgomery, a former back-up singer for Ike and Tina Turner.

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Lil’ Charles from Sweetie Pies is one of those characters that fans cannot help but fall in love with them in a show. Such personalities bring a certain vibe that elevates the performance to another level.

That is why fans are heavily interested in his story. Unfortunately, there is not much about the reality television star aside from what people view on the show. He has kept a low profile, and maybe more will come out in future.

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