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Side chick, lover, mpango wa kando. These titles are associated with fear, mistrust and sometimes the end of a relationship. What is a side chick? This is a woman who is romantically involved with a taken man. Women who date married men, engaged men, or those in a relationship, are side women. Basically, she is any woman who is dating someone else’s man.

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Although some African societies find polygamy acceptable, times have changed. It is no longer okay for a man to be involved with two women or more.

Top 5 side chick signs to look out for

Not sure whether your man has another woman? Looking for signs you’re a side chick? Here are the tell-tale signs:

1. You do not know where your man lives

He avoids any discussion on where he lives. You have never been to his house, and any time spent together is always at your home. There is a good reason why a man might hide his residence. It is highly likely that you are his lover and not his main girl.

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2. You have never met his friends

If his friends know his main girl, he is not going to introduce you to them. Most cheaters like to keep their real lives hidden to avoid unnecessary drama.

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3. He only calls you during the day

One of the main side girl signs is unavailability. If your guy cannot pick your call at short notice, that means he is hiding your existence. If he calls you during the day only, that is probably when he is away from his significant other.

4. He does not want to be seen in public with you

What does a side chick mean? It means that your guy wants to keep you away from his real life. Watch out for the out of town dates; this is a sign that he does not want to be seen with you.

5. He is not ready to commit

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Five years down the line and no ring? This is how to know if you are the side chick; talk to him about your future together. If he is not willing to commit to a future together, you are probably the other woman.

What is a side chick?
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Side chick vs main chick

There are three main differences in how a guy treats his other woman, versus how he handles his main woman.

  • Lovers for guys are just for fun, lighthearted moments while the main lady is there through thick and thin.
  • Side chick for guys rarely get to know a guy’s deepest darkest secrets while main girls are their guy’s confidant.
  • Mistresses can be dumped at a moment’s notice, but men go to great lengths to keep their main. What does side chick mean? It means that there is someone else getting all the credit while you remain a secret.

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How to go from side chick to main

“Am I his side chick”? If you have to ask this question, the answer is probably yes. You might have seen some of the other lover signs mentioned in this article. The next step is for you to become your guy’s one and only.

In order to become the main girl, any mistress has to show loyalty. Your guy has to be convinced that you have eyes for no one else but him. This way, he will want to reciprocate the same feelings.

The other lady must exhibit wifely qualities in order to become the main chick. Cook for him, do his laundry and keep your appearance top notch. Maybe, he will be convinced to ditch his lady for you.

What is a side chick role? To make up for what the main chick does not have. In most cases, this role is temporary, and mistresses often get replaced. If you are wondering how to become the main girl , the best way is to get your own man.

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