What is Tiger Woods ex-wife now up to? Wealth, latest updates

A famous golfer and his wife parted ways, and it made world news. Many people recall Tiger Woods’ infamous affairs, which led his wife then, Elin Nordegren to divorce him. Tiger Woods ex-wife now is an entirely different person, distant from what many were used to when she was at the side of the popular golfer. She is a former Swedish model and has earned a sizeable share of her ex-husband’s worth in divorce settlement. While Nordegren’s name was everywhere when she was married to Woods and during the subsequent divorce, she rarely appears on front-page news today. Many are wondering how her life has changed after getting a reprieve from the stubborn paparazzi.

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It is now more than ten years since Tiger Woods scandalous affairs became public. And Elin Nordegren was the victim of all of it. What happened next was not unexpected, but a raging wife’s firm stance that allowed her to exit the marriage and glamorous life. Many have even started wondering, “What does Elin Nordegren look like now?”

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Picking up after six years of marriage and a humiliating exit is no simple thing. However, Elin’s story is quite impressive. She rarely features in tabloids today as her life in the limelight is over. What is interesting about her life today?

Tiger Woods ex-wife now – what’s her story?

Are you wondering about Tiger woods ex-wife now and then? Although she went through hell during her divorce, enduring public humiliation, it seems like she revamped her life and is now happier than before.

The affair happened ten years ago, but the odd series of events are still resurfacing. And now, there is some exciting news about Elin’s relationship with a professional athlete. Even more impressive, there is a child!

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The divorce: what happened?

Tiger Woods ex-wife now
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Even though it is public knowledge that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren separated because of Wood’s infidelity, many still wonder what happened. The revelation occurred in November 2009, when the public, through different tabloids learnt of the affair. Tiger Woods later took full responsibility.

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Although Tiger Woods attempted to save the marriage by going to a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi, nothing worked, as Elin was focused on the divorce. Nordegren concluded that there was no union without trust, a narrative that pushed her to follow through her divorce interests.

Divorce settlement

How much did Elin Nordegren get in the divorce? According to various sources, Tiger Woods and Elin’s prenuptial stipulated that the wife would get $20 million after ten years if a divorce happens. Also, the negotiations included an immediate payment of $5millon for her to stay in the marriage. There was also an additional sum of $55 million on top of the original prenuptial.

Did it all go down per the first prenuptial? The exact amount that Elin received is controversial with some sources claiming she was going for $750 million. Since Tiger Wood’s worth was around $600 million then, the claim seemed absurd.

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However, numerous sources have claimed that she settled on $100 million. There is no substantiated information about any agreement requiring her to stay quiet about Tiger Wood’s infidelities.

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What happened after the divorce?

Tiger Woods ex-wife now
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It is not hard finding Tiger woods ex-wife now photos, out of which you will notice that she is living a glamorous and happy life, years after she parted ways with her ex-husband. Although many people anticipated an intense divorce, the former couple resolved the matter with reason.

They decided to co-parent their two children and became even greater friends. Now, Elin is living a quiet life in her beach-front home, built out of her massive fortune.

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How much is Elin Nordegren worth

Tiger Woods ex-wife now
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It is hard tracing someone that is no longer famous, a commoner and an inconspicuous member of society. However, if you are wondering about the wealth of Elin Nordegren today, some strong links give a pretty good idea.

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Elin Nordegren has an approximate net worth of $200 million. Alongside her career earnings and divorce settlement that awarded her $100 million, she has amassed a massive fortune over the years. According to different online sources, Elin is estimated to own assets worth more than $100 million, even though the exact figure is not known.

During her time as a model, she made a good fortune. The average salary of a model in the United States is $40,000 per year while that of a nanny (briefly worked as one before meeting Tiger Woods) is $776 every week.

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Elin’s properties

Where does Elin Nordegren live now? Sure, a massive chunk of her wealth is connected to her properties, including her current home.

Elin owns a massive 17, 178-square-foot Florida mansion that is near her ex-husband’s new estate in Jupiter, Florida. The property, which is on the market for $44,500,000 has 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. The house is Caribbean-themed and overlooks the ocean.

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Immediately after Elin received her divorce settlement in 2011, she bought a new mansion for $12 million. However, it was demolished in December 2011.

Who is Elin Nordegren married to now?

Life after divorce, regardless of the massive sums after a settlement is hard. Elin seems happier than ever with her new family even though she has had her fair share of tragic love stories. Who is Elin Nordegren’s new husband?

Elin, after the divorce, chose a low-profile life and married Jordan Cameron, a former professional football player for Miami Dolphins. Although they kept their relationship under wraps for a long time, in June 2019, images surfaced of Elin looking pregnant. Cameron already has a son from a previous relationship.

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Before settling down with Jordan Cameron, Elin was close with Gavin Rossdale, after they swapped numbers almost two years after the divorce. However, the romance did not last, and it soon fizzled out.

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Elin also dated billionaire businessman Chris Cline six years after her divorce to Tiger. The two were frequently spotted getting cosy, sparking a significant controversy that they were in a relationship. They parted in 2014 because of their busy schedules.

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What is Elin Nordegren doing now

Tiger Woods ex-wife now
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After the scandalous divorce, where Elin received a hefty sum, she stayed silent for a long time. She resurfaced in 2014 when she reportedly was undergoing “intensive therapy.” Elin and Woods remained close friends for the sake of their children.

Also, in 2014, Elin attended night classes and graduated with an Outstanding Senior Award in Psychology from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. In October 2019, she welcomed a son with her boyfriend, Jordan Cameron. They named him Flip Nordegren Cameron, but later altered the first name to Arthur. Tiger Woods ex-wife is now working as a Registered Mental Health Counsellor Intern in Florida.

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Tiger Woods ex-wife now is settled and considering her recent birth in 2019, she sure looks happy. Her infamous split from her popular ex-husband massively humiliated her, but she managed to restructure her life, away from the eyes of the public.

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