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In a world that is slowly embracing women in power, Mwende Mwinzi is making her most significant steps. Setting a good example to other women in the society, she stands firm in her political debut. Her goal is to empower the neglected voices in society.

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Besides being a great political supporter and philanthropist, Mwende Mwinzi speaks eloquently due to her stay in the US. Despite her stay in the US, she seems not to have neglected her Kenyan passion and undoubtedly aims to add impact in her country of origin. Besides, Mwinzi explains that she understands well the troubles and challenges that her country faces.

Mwende Mwinzi profile summary

  • Name: Mwende Mwinzi
  • Birthplace: Kitui County
  • Nationality: Kenyan, American
  • Location: Migwani
  • District: Mwingi
  • Father: Maluki Mwinzi
  • Mother: Mary Mwinzi
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Emeka Edozie
  • Spouse nationality: Nigerian
  • Children: Uzoemezie “Mezz” and Nnameka Jaden.

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dual citizenship
Image: Facebook.com, @Mwende Mwinzi
Source: UGC

Kenya’s own pride Mwende Mwinzi was born in the US but is also a Kenyan. Maluki and Mary Mwinzi are the parents of this amazing soul. The two worked as public servants in Kitui, where Mwende was raised. Her family is from Migwani location and Mwingi district in Kenya.

Schooling years for her started at the Central Primary School in Kitui, after which she joined the Kenya High and Kyeni High. She then moved to the US for further studies, where she acquired dual citizenship after staying for 15 years. Her love for Kenya inspired a longing to serve her people.

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Twana Twitu project and work departments

dual citizenship
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President Kibaki’s first National Economic and Social Council, which birthed Vision 2030 was one of the departments Mwinzi served. During the 2017 Mwingi West parliamentary election, she also participated on a Jubilee ticket. Mwende was also named a Moran of the Burning Spear.

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She also served as an Assistant Vice President at a Wall Street Investment Bank where she was a writer for the marketing department. In particular, she focused on new business development matters, writing and producing the company’s investment proposals. She was also involved in creating and developing the firm’s sales and marketing brochures. Besides, the philanthropist is also a member of the Kenya National Economic and Social Council (NESC). The council, which is a presidential advisory, focuses on socioeconomic development.

Even though far from home, she maintained contact with her Kenyan friends. She, however, witnessed the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in Kenya and was inspired to start a project. In May 2005, the philanthropist resigned from her corporate job to serve the newly launched project ‘Twana Twitu’. She is the acting founder and chairperson of Twana Twitu providing leadership, strategy, and direction for the organization’s growth.

Mwende also has a law firm company. The company offers services to both corporate and individual clients. Her firm is highly rated in Kenya, considering its level of expertise and services it has rendered to the clients.

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Mwende Mwinzi marital status

dual citizenship
Image: Facebook.com, @Mwende Mwinzi
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Marriage is an institution that offers support and committed love. The beautiful Mwende is married to Emeka Edozie. The two resided in Upstate New York where they started their lives together. They are blessed with two sons: Uzoemezie “Mezz” and Nnameka Jaden.

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Her husband played a significant role in her life. The diaspora based philanthropist describes her husband as a pillar in their marriage, back when she had to work and was expecting their second child. The two are a perfect match.

The president’s nominee

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, earlier nominated Mwende Mwinzi for Kenya’s Ambassador of South Korea. The nomination by the president was such a privilege for her. Mwende’s straight forward character, eloquent speech and excellent interaction skills, showed her capability to handle international issues.

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Kenyan or American dilemma

dual citizenship
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The well-received news of her nomination for Kenya’s Ambassador in South Korea came with its bundle of joy. She attended the vetting process, where she faced the National Assembly. However, Mwende’s dual citizenship status acted as a stumbling block. Issues arising from her dual citizenship caused a great drawback on the vetting proceedings.

The members of the National Assembly referenced their argument from the Constitution. They stated that Article 52 of the Constitution on citizenship and leadership says a state officer shall not hold dual citizenship. However, Mwende defended herself, stating that ambassadors are not state officers. For this reason, she has to renounce her citizenship in the US for her to qualify for the nomination.

The parliamentary committee is required to table a report which takes place after the vetting. The report will be presented before the House for adoption (approval), and according to tradition, new entrants will receive training. Nevertheless, Mwende will have to choose whether or not to renounce her US citizenship.

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Mwende Mwinzi remains one of the celebrated Kenyans in the diaspora. Many who have HIV/AIDS have greatly benefited from her Twana Twitu project. The work she is doing is an act of love and kindness. Her tremendous accomplishments and dedication to the Kenyan people are acknowledgeable. Therefore, her blessing of being Kenya’s Ambassador in South Korea is worth her commitment. It remains to be seen as to whether she will get the position despite the citizenship challenges.

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