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With all the reality television shows floating around, it might be hard to decide what to watch. Fortunately, they touch virtually every genre, from dancing, fashion, dating, celebrity life, and more. Bring It is an American dance reality television series on Lifetime that debuted on March 5, 2014, featuring a fantastic cast. Are you wondering how much they make and their net worth? The Bring It cast correctly depict the real world of dancing with a touch of parenting. Indeed, the cast receives sound remuneration for their realness on set.

Bring It cast. Photo: @BringIt
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Although scripted and edited to meet the audience’s thirst, people love reality television shows for their raw footage. The narrative and a peek into the lives of the cast is one of the most exciting things. And they are paid handsomely for their roles. How much is the Bring It cast salary per episode?

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Bring It cast earnings and net worth

If you love hip-hop majorette competitions, then Bring It television show will entice you. Like other dancing television shows, Bring It brings a domestic vibe by featuring the dancers’ mothers. It is interesting to know how much they are worth.

Tina Jones

Bring It cast
Tina Jones (R) and Kayla Jones. Photo: @REDHOLLYHOOD
Source: Twitter

Professional dancer Tina Jones is the mother of fellow dancer Kayla Jones in the reality television show where they appear together. Tina was first referred to as Head Mom in Charge on the reality TV show.

Tina Jones has an estimated net worth of $1 million – $5 million. Her primary income source is her reality television career, where she earns a good salary per episode.

Although her real income per episode is not public knowledge, she is estimated to earn the national average of between $30,000 to $10 million per episode for being an A player.

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Kayla Jones

Bring It cast
Kayla Jones. Photo: @REDHOLLYHOOD
Source: Twitter

How much is Kayla from Bring It worth? Kayla has an estimated net worth of $500,000 and is expected to rise as she builds her career. She is Tina Jones and Terrell Vaughn’s daughter that support her dancing career as seen on the reality television show Bring It.

Kayla’s earnings are also not in the public domain, and she probably makes around the same amount as the national average for an A cast on Bring It. The dancers are allowed to make paid appearances only if they don’t interfere with practice or competition.

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Dianna Williams

Bring It cast
Dianna Williams. Photo: @I_AM_DIANNA
Source: Twitter

Dianna Williams, a.k.a. Miss D is one of the best casts in the reality television show. Currently, she is entering a renewal and construction phase in her personal life and the Dollhouse.

Dianna got into the limelight by becoming a significant part of the reality television show, Bring It where she plays herself as the leader of the group, Dancing Dolls.

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Born on November 27, 1978, the dancer is skilled in belly dancing, tap dancing, ballet, and jazz. She perfected her dancing skills from a very young age. Her first job was as a Callaway High School choreographer in 2006.

Dianna Williams net worth in 2021 is around $2 million that she has earned by working in many studios in her dancing career. Since she is one of the main crew on Bring It, she probably earns more than $30,000.

Dana Roilton

Bring It cast
Dana Roilton.Photo:@danaroilton
Source: Instagram

Dana is the mother of Faith Thigpen. Her daughter is one of the most talented and most robust. She is heavily invested in her success; doing all it takes to create the right path for her.

Dana Roilton is a Kingdom Builder, entrepreneur, certified life coach, motivational speaker, and television personality on the Bring It television show. She is the founder of an online counselling firm called That Mom Indeed where they create safe havens for mothers to alter their perspectives of their daily chaos.

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Although she has a great career profile, she has kept her financial matters under wraps. It is not clear how much she makes on Bring It on per episode and her official net worth.

Faith Simone Thigpen

Bring It cast
Faith Simone Thigpen. Photo: @iamstard0m
Source: Instagram

Faith Simon is one of the most outstanding characters in Bring It. She started the show alongside her mother, Dana Roilton in the second season. She is a Jackson native and started dancing at three years old inspired by singer Beyonce. Faith was born on May 22, 2000, in the United States.

She joined Bring It tour company in summer of 2016 that allowed her to travel to different cities including Philadelphia, Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Atlanta. As a new member of the team, she struggled every week to maintain her position.

Faith has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 to $1 million, which is impressive for someone in their early twenties. Also, she earns the A player salary for reality television stars on the show.

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Camryn Harris

Bring It cast
Camryn Harris, daughter of Mimi Harris. Photo: @Shelbi Hart
Source: UGC

Camryn Harris is the daughter of Mimi Harris making her one of the pivotal Bring It cast. She was the captain of the Dancing Dolls from the third to the fifth season. Camryn dances amazingly well to majorette, lyrical, and jazz. Her excellent dancing techniques often intimidate her team, which has earned her a lot of respect.

Camryn has been dancing since she was six years old and joined the Dancing Dolls at ten. She commenced as a head-drill-master and became the leader in 2015. Camryn is 20 years old, and she will reach 21 on September 25, 2021.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Dancers ordinarily earn a minimum of $25,000 and the salary can go up to $140,000. And considering her role in the reality TV show Bring It, she might be earning an even higher amount from dancing.

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Crystianna and Rittany

Bring It cast
Rittany (L) and Crystianna (R). Photo: @Sumer Elizabeth Lacey
Source: UGC

Rittany and Crystianna make a great combo. Rittany is the aunt and mother figure of Crystianna. Crystianna’s impressive performance even allowed her to become captain of the Dance Dolls.

Interestingly, she started dancing when she was only five years old. Crystianna took a brief hiatus from the Dancing Dolls and reality television show Bring It to participate in cheerleading. However, she later returned to the troupe.

Crystianna has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $5 million that she has amassed from her career. She has an excellent reputation in the dancing niche with a significant following on social media. She probably makes a similar amount as her other dance group members on the reality television show.

Selena, Sunjai, Sky and Star Williams

Bring It cast
Selena (second left), Sunjai, Sky and Star Williams. Photo: @Caitlin White
Source: UGC

Selena Johnson is the mother of Sunjai, Sky and Star. She and her daughters have gained massive recognition for appearing on the reality television show Bring It. Selena first appeared on the show in March 2014. What is Selena from Bring It net worth?

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The media exposure has brought Selena and her daughters a lot of fame, which has, of course, increased their net worth. However, her actual net worth and her daughters’ is not in the public domain they probably earn between $15,000 to $25,000 from Bring It.

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Selena’s daughter Sunjai Williams is a significant member of Dancing Dolls featured on Bring It. She started dancing at age five and joined the crew in 2012. Selena is often referred to by her nickname Cool Flame.

Sunjai was a struggling dancer in the first season of the show. Fortunately, before its completion, she made the cuts for stand battle and her dancing techniques developed as the series progressed. During the second season, Sunjai left to pursue a college degree. So, did Sunjai graduate from college?

It looks like she managed to balance her social and academic life by graduating from DeSales University with a full scholarship. This is according to coach Danna Williams.

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Sky and Star are the family’s young twin sisters. They are often mixed up by coach Dianna and DPPs (Dancing Dolls Parents).

Tamala and Tanesha

Bring It cast
Tamala (R) and Tenesha. Photo: @Thomasine Independent Thirty-One Consultant
Source: UGC

Tamala is Tanesha’s mother and is mostly trying to figure out what is best for her daughter. Often, she speaks her mind about prevalent situations at the Dollhouse trying to find a balance for her daughter and herself.

On the other hand, Tanesha is a crucial member of the Dancing Dolls battle squad and has won her team dozen grand champion titles. Interestingly, she started dancing at five years old and also loves playing the piano and flute.

Tanesha has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, which is still under review. She has created her wealth from being a professional dancer and appearing on Bring It. Since she plays similar roles as other dancers, she likely earns around the same salary as an A player in a reality television show.

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Bring It cast has undoubtedly created a fabulous show by displaying great dance moves and fantastic chemistry between the participants. It is a different take to reality television shows that many have come to appreciate.

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