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Occidentophobia: Europe’s Muslims despise the West and its culture, surveys show. The only thing surprising is that European governments continue to invite hundreds of thousands more of them to make Europe their home.

Recent terrorist attacks on Paris, Belgium and Britain, and a wave of brutal sexual assaults in at least six countries, raise a logical question: Why do members of the “religion of peace” so despise the place that has embraced them, allowed them cultural and religious freedom, given them welfare and even tolerated the growing violence in their communities?

There’s no easy answer. Europeans — and many Americans — routinely self-flagellate over terrorist attacks, asking themselves: “What terrible thing have we done to deserve this?” The sad answer is: nothing.

A 2013 survey by Ruud Koopmans of the Berlin Social Science Center found significant hostility of Muslims in Europe and an unwillingness to integrate with European society. “Almost 60% agree that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam, 75% think there is only one interpretation of the Quran possible to which every Muslim should stick and 65% say that religious rules are more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live,” he wrote.

And, despite the welcome they get in Europe and the largesse doled out by the EU’s expansive welfare state, 54% of Europe’s Muslims believe that the “West is out to destroy Islam.”

Dutch author and journalist Leon de Winter, writing in Politico’s European edition, calls this “Occidentophobia” — hatred of the West.

“What did ‘we’ do to ‘them’?” de Winter asks. “We opened up our cities, our houses, our wallets. And in our secular temples of progress — our metro stations and airports and theaters — their sons are killing themselves and taking our sons and daughters with them.”

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There are an estimated 44 million Muslims in Europe, or roughly 6% of the total population. That will rise to about 58 million, or 8% of the population, by 2030, estimates before the recent flood of newcomers show. Given the depth of their antipathy toward the place they now call home, it’s only surprising that there isn’t even more terrorism.

Nor is the Koopmans survey a statistical outlier. Repeated polls in recent years show a powerful undercurrent of anger and resentment toward Europe that is nothing short of shocking. After more than 70 years of experimenting with bringing millions of Muslims into Europe to become Europeans, surveys find instead an implacable population of unassimilated, unacculturated people who share few if any of Europe’s Enlightenment-inspired beliefs.

For example, a 2013 poll of young Muslims in Belgium — where the most recent Islamist terrorist attacks, killing 34, took place — found that 16% believe terrorism is “acceptable.” A poll of young Muslims in Britain by Pew Research in 2007 showed a shocking 35% believe that suicide attacks against civilians are justifiable.

Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked. After all, the beliefs of Muslims around the world are starkly at odds with those in the West. For instance, a poll of Turks in 2009 found 31% support suicide attacks against Westerners in Iraq — and Turkey is a member NATO. Inside Europe, 42% of France’s Muslims believe suicide attacks are OK. Feeling a bit smug about the U.S.? Don’t. Here, 26% of younger Muslims here in the U.S. believe suicide bombing is justified.

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Actions follow beliefs. Those who are intolerant, who hate infidels (i.e., all non-Muslims), who believe they have a special historic grievance,  who think violence is not only acceptable but called for, and who don’t share the same ideas about civil society, individual rights and tolerance as the rest of the West, will be almost impossible to assimilate.

“As a consequence of demography, history, ideology, and policy, western Europe now plays host to often disconsolate Muslim offspring, who are its citizens in name but not culturally or socially,” wrote the Council on Foreign Relations way back in 2005. As recent events show, things have only gotten worse.

Europe can’t be safe until it cinches up its borders and sends those who don’t want to become Europeans home. Either that, or they can give up on the whole idea of Western culture.

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