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During this complimentary session, veteran course instructor Roman Bogomazov will present an overview of the Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC) – Part I and illustrate several key Wyckoff Method principles that you can apply to your own trading, even if you decide not to enroll in the course. 

The Price/Volume/Time analytical approach of the Wyckoff Method provides chart-reading tools to help traders recognize and take advantage of specific institutional market activities throughout the Price Cycle, which in turn can enhance their ability to identify high-probability trading opportunities, such as the reversals in S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 (NQ) posted by @WyckoffAnalysis on Twitter at 8:24am on September 3, 2020 and the anticipated consolidation range into the Election posted by @WyckoffAnalysis on Twitter on September 7, 2020, shown above.  IBD readers who attend this session will recognize that the “M” in CANSLIM incorporates several core Wyckoff technical insights. 

Wyckoff Analytics offers a carefully sequenced Wyckoff Method educational curriculum designed to lead you to trading mastery. The Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC) – Part 1 will give you a foundational understanding of and ability to start using the Wyckoff Method, which allows traders and investors to anticipate market direction through analysis of price, volume and time, without the need for additional indicators.  Used by many successful professional and institutional traders, the Wyckoff Method can be applied to all time frames in all freely traded markets!

Sign up here for the FREE introductory webinar on January 4th, 3:00 – 5:30 PM PDT.

Richard Wyckoff, considered to be one of the “titans of technical analysis,” along with Dow and Elliott, developed a method based on what he called “the real rules of the game,” which he learned from observing the market activities of such legendary stock operators as JP Morgan and Jesse Livermore.  An avid tape-reader and student of the market, Wyckoff also edited the influential Magazine of Wall Street and headed his own brokerage firm, and was therefore in a unique position to observe how the large operators carefully planned and executed their campaigns. He integrated their best practices with his own original insights, articulating a chart-based method based on several laws, principles and techniques to track and trade in harmony with the big money (embodied today by the largest investment banks, hedge funds, and pension plans, among others).

The Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC) – Part 1 will give you a practical and actionable understanding of Wyckoff’s methodology, allowing you to learn to “read the market” so that you can develop the ability to trade alongside the large institutions that generate (and stop) big trends. The Spring course comprises 15 weekly 2 1/2-hour webinars, covering: (1) Price Structural Analysis, (2) Supply and Demand, and (3) Relative and Comparative Strength.   

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“Before working with Roman, my trading was both unstructured and haphazard.  The WTC course helped me transform my trading by giving me the tools to enable me to understand and ‘read’ the activity of the market in a structured and systematic way. Roman is a great teacher and has a passion for educating…Not only is he an expert in Wyckoff analysis, he also understands the behavioral side of trading; what makes individuals tick and the systematic errors that individuals make.”  HL – former student

“I just want to say thank you so much for what has been a very excellent and informative course!
I’m so pleased that I clicked on your link on the IBD website.  I’m now looking at the markets very differently than I was just 12 weeks ago and that difference has improved my results already.  This course has been incredibly valuable and rewarding to me and worth every cent of the price.  You have truly taken me to a whole new level and I’m only just beginning.  I’m so looking forward to part 2, the practicum course.” SDWTC-I Student 2020

Roman Bogomazov

Roman Bogomazov is a trader and educator specializing in the Wyckoff Method of trading and investing, which he has taught for the last five years as an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University. He is also the founder and President of Wyckoff Associates, LLC, an enterprise providing online Wyckoff Method education to traders throughout the world. Using WyckoffAnalytics.com as a thriving trading community platform, Roman has developed a comprehensive educational curriculum covering basic to advanced Wyckoff concepts and techniques, as well as visual pattern recognition and real-time drills to enhance traders’ skills and confidence. A dedicated and passionate Wyckoffian, he has used the Wyckoff Method exclusively for his own trading for the last 20 years. Roman has also served as a Board Member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts and as past president of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco.

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